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Alf Lechner Museum

Ingolstadt, Urban municipality / Oberbayern

Foto: Landesstelle für die nichtstaatlichen Museen, Henning Großeschmidt

Lechner Museum

Esplanade 9
85049 Ingolstadt

Tel. 0841/305-2250
Fax 0841/305-2251

Opening hours

Do.-So. 11.00-18.00


The Alf Lechner Museum opened in February 2000 as a cooperation between the Alf Lechner Foundation and the municipality of Ingolstadt. A former factory hall of the Audi AG was converted by the architects Erhard and Florian Fischer into a bright, airy and functional museum - while at the same time preserving the structure of the building - which presents Alf Lechner's oeuvre in temporary exhibitions. Lechner, one of the most important steel sculptors of today, was actively involved in the concept and finishing of the museum.
The exhibits are often changed to show ever new facettes, perspectives and aspects of Lechner's work. Exhibited are not only the manifold sculpted works, but also drawings, which were conceived as autonomous artworks, independent of the sculpted works.
Further events such as readings, concerts, symposia and debates are being planned to promote the dialogue with artists in the form of exhibitions.


Anfang und kein Ende

general tour, target group: any
Next date on 28.01.2018, at 11:00

Führungen durch den Lechner Skulpturenpark

theme tour, target group: any
Next date on 28.01.2018, at 13:00