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Donau-Schiffahrts-Museum (Danube Shipping Museum)

Regensburg, Urban municipality / Oberpfalz

Das Museumsschiff „Ruthof“
Das Museumsschiff „Ruthof“


93047 Regensburg

Tel. 0941/507-5888
Fax 0941/507-5860

Opening hours

April–Okt. Mi.–So. 10.00-17.00; Besichtigung des Windenhäuschens für Gruppen n. Vereinb.


The Regensburg Danube Shipping Museum on the paddle steamer "Ruthof/Érsekcsanád" opened in 1983 and was the first German Danube shipping museum. The ship was about to be scrapped in 1979 when the society "Arbeitskreis Schiffahrtsmuseum Regensburg e.V." managed to buy the ship in Hungary and convert it into a museum. The boiler room, the machine room, the bridge, the helm and the galley have not been changed. The engine still works. There are also exhibition rooms, however, which were installed in the former crew quarters. Here one can study an exhibition of models, dioramas and explanatory panels on the development of shipping on the Danube River in Bavaria as well as shipbuilding techniques.
The society was able to rescue another historic ship type in 1999: the previously Austrian motor ship "Freudenau" (built 1942). All the rooms on this ship have been restored and illustrate life on a Danube River boat. Since 1986 the "Arbeitskreis Schiffahrtsmuseum" has also been looking after a small inconspicuous building right next to the mighty southern bridge pier of the famous "Steinerne Brücke". It houses a unique historic technical rarity in Europe: a windlass driven by the direct current of the local tram, which facilitated upstream traffic through the eddies between the bridge piers (after the closure of the medieval "Ohm-Werk") and was used until 1960.