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Staatliche Antikensammlungen (State Antiques Collection)

München, Urban municipality / Oberbayern

Dionysus' Sea Voyage, bowl by Exekias, Athens, around 530 BC
Dionysus' Sea Voyage, bowl by Exekias, Athens, around 530 BC
The State Antiques Collection was installed in Georg Friedrich Ziebland's exhibition building, erected 1838 to 1848, in 1967. The Classicist building showing a Corinthian Order is one of the buildings flanking the Königsplatz like and antique market square. The other buildings are the Propylaeum and Leo v. Klenze's Glyptothek. The destructions in 1944 necessitated a complete reorganisation of the interior. The different antiques collections of the Dukes of Wittelsbach, which date back to the early 16th century, and above all the rich collections of King Ludwig I were united here in 1967.
The main floor has five halls with masterpieces of Greek vases of between 1400 and 300 BC, including a large number of famous pieces such as the drinking cup showing Dionysus' ship by the potter and painter Exekias (Hall II), the amphora depicting Dionysus and his entourage or the stamnos showing a farewell to warriors of around 430 BC (Hall III, IV). Another highlight is the Etruscan gold jewellery of between 680 and 530 BC (Hall VII). Other genres of Antique art are also represented by outstanding examples: a beautiful series of clay statuettes of all periods and workshops; bronze statuettes and implements, including a couple of masterpieces such as the mirror from Hermione or the "Girl from Beroa" (Hall VIII, IX), examples of glass art with the earliest transparent glass vessels, probably from a Greek-Persian workshop, or the late Antique diareta glass from Cologne, one of the most beautiful examples of this craft (Hall VIII).


Staatliche Antikensammlungen

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