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Missionsmuseum (Mission Museum)

Sankt Ottilien, Lkr. Landsberg a. Lech / Oberbayern

Blick in die Museumsräume
Blick in die Museumsräume
Foto: Sankt Ottilien, Missionsmuseum

Missionsmuseum der Erzabtei St. Ottilien

Erzabtei 1
86941 St. Ottilien

Tel. 08193/710

Opening hours

tägl. 10.00-17.00


The convent St. Ottilien began sending missionaries to South and East Africa, Korea and Manchuria in 1887 from where the Benedictines sent ethnological or zoological pieces back to their convent. A large part of the exhibition is dedicated to the collection from East Africa. It covers issues such as tribal religions, ancestral cults and magic. The collections of Korean and Manchurian objects document the Buddhist religion. Household implements, weapons, clothing and jewellery allow an insight into the every-day life of the tribes amongst which the Benedictine missionaries worked.