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Renée Sintenis

Pioneer of Sculpting
04.04.2020 - 05.04.2021

Renée Sintenis auf Sylt
Foto: © Bildarchiv Georg Kolbe Museum Berlin, Nachlass Renée Sintenis
With her bobbed hair and her tall and androgynous appearance she was said to be the face of the Weimar Republic and an idol of the “new woman”. In her sculptural work she preferred small figures. In the beginning, she created mainly female nudes and animal sculptures. Gradually she discovers a formal language of her own, characterised by an impressionistic flicker of the surface design. But also strong and dynamic sculptural depictions of athletes belong to Sintenis’ subjects, which express the enthusiasm for sports during the 1920s. Powerful self-portraits and characteristic busts of her friends, e.g. Joachim Ringelnatz, a German poet, advanced the interest in her work. After an inner emigration during the war years, Renée Sintenis becomes an ambassador of Berlin with her sculpture Berliner Bär, which is still known as the famous trophy of the Berlinale.


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