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NO LONGER in the Underworld ‒ The Book.

Comic collages by Francesca Bettini and Gyula Molnár
25.10.2019 - 03.05.2020

Excerpt from the "NO LONGER in the Underworld" comic book, 2019
Foto: © Münchner Stadtmuseum
Gyula Molnár and Francesca Bettini are two of Europe’s best-known object theater artists. In 2009, they created an exhibition installation for the Münchner Stadtmuseum entitled “Bin im Orkus. Ein Tagebuch aus Matsch” (In the Underworld. A Diary of Mud), to accompany their production of “Kasperls Wurzeln” (Kasperl’s Roots). After the play’s final performance, both puppets and stage were acquired by the Puppet Theater / Fairground Attraction Collection.

Now, Molnár and Bettini have portrayed this crossover from theater to museum in a comic book to be published by Theater der Zeit in October 2019. The book is a contemplation of the transient, ephemeral art of the theater, of what is consigned to oblivion for evermore and of what ultimately remains. This gallery exhibit showcases the colorful collages on which the book is based, together with the stage curtains and puppets from Kasperl’s Roots.

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