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Here comes the night – Munich’s nightlife

24.07.2021 - 08.01.2023

Der Entertainer Sammy Davis jr., München 1972
Foto: Dimitri Soulas
“Here Comes the Night”, an exploration of Munich’s cultural history, takes a nocturnal journey through the city and its club culture from the post-war period to the present day. It explores urban planning and economic issues and focuses on the clubbing hotspots and leading lights of Munich’s after-hours scene and nightlife both then and now. With the Atomic Café, in a sense a fata morgana, a treat to be rediscovered in all its glory at Münchner Stadtmuseum, and a host of memorabilia from venues like Ultraworld, Ultraschall, Flughafen Riem, Kunstpark Ost, Registratur – to name just a few – the exhibition offers an experience akin to a modern-day pilgrimage. The show presents the local glitterati and their equally glamorous haunts, and delves into the margins of night life, its in-groups and out-groups, and the role played by migration and gender, and the highly idiosyncratic nature of work in this atypical nocturnal universe.

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