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Historisches Museum (Historical Museum)

Bayreuth, Urban municipality / Oberfranken

Vorder- und Rückseite eines Fichtelgebirgsglases, 1705
Vorder- und Rückseite eines Fichtelgebirgsglases, 1705

Historisches Museum

Kirchplatz 4
95444 Bayreuth

Tel. 0921/76401-0
Fax 0921/76401-23

Opening hours

Di.-So., Juli u. Aug. auch Mo. 10.00-17.00


The Historical Museum has been housed in the Alte Lateinschule (Old Latin School) on Kirchplatz, which was refurbished for this purpose, since 1996. The exhibition on the ground floor traces the history and the development of Bayreuth from the late Middle Ages to the 20th century. A model of Bayreuth, constructed in 1763, illustrates the structure of a princely residence town during the period of Absolutism. The centre of the museum is the section on the first floor, covering the art history and cultural history of the age of the Bayreuth Margraves, that is the 17th and 18th century. The most famous personality among these princes is Wilhelmine, the sister of Frederick the Great. Most sovereigns in Bayreuth strove to promote the arts at their court. Their interest was focused on architecture and garden art as well as the theatre and music. The quality of arts and crafts in Bayreuth and its surrounding country is reflected, amongst others, in the products from the Bavarian Faience Manufacture, the glass factories in the Fichtelgebirge and the workshops of the Creußen earthenware potters. The typical forms and decorations of these three crafts are also presented in the museum. The tour ends with Biedermaier and late 19th century paintings, crafts and early industrial products from Bayreuth.

Bayerischer Museumspreis 1997