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Garnisonmuseum (Garrison Museum)

Nürnberg, Urban municipality / Mittelfranken

Reconstruction of a 1st World War trench
Reconstruction of a 1st World War trench


Zweibrückener Straße 54
90441 Nürnberg

Tel. 0911/6491159

Opening hours

Einlass mit Führung: 2. Sa. im Monat 10.00 u. n. Vereinb. (ungerade Monate Hochbunker Hohe Marter, gerade Spittlertorturm)


The "Förderverein Garnisonmuseum Nürnberg" (Support Society Garrison Museum Nuremberg), which established the Garrison Museum in only a few years, was founded in 1992 after the deactivation of the Nuremberg military base. The exhibition opened in 1997 in an old tower bunker of 1941, documenting the regional garrison history of Nuremberg, Fürth and Erlangen. The presentation spans the period from the Free Imperial towns to today and illuminates the social relationships between the population and the locally stationed soldiers. The life and experiences of the soldiers in the course of the decades is illustrated in large dioramas.
A picture and document archive as well as a large specialised library complement the exhibition.